Sculpture: Furnishings

My installation “furnishings” is a culmination of previous coil pieces. It uses similar texture, and weird tree-like growth structure, but it combines this with the element of the square.  She views it as the beginning of a future project of filling a room with these Furnishings.


They play off the sort of “ikea” idea, with the box being the perfect design model. With constructivism meeting oriental simplicity and the necessity for consumers to have the cheapest products, much of our architecture and furnishings are simple or complex rectangles/ squares. Essentially, we live in boxes, surrounded by squares and rectangles. Squares are something that simply do not exist in nature. Nature champions curves, produces only individuality and has infinite variety. I believe all these squares are bad on our psyche.  The installation is a co-opting of the idea of square. These cube structures are anything but square. They are twisting, passionate, crazy, tumultuous, brooding, organic-like, personality full structures. They are organic, but they are not safe.


The room of these will have apocalyptic proportions. Apocalyptic in that the cubes will start to come alive. They will appear as inorganic matter turning organic or an organic matter taking on technological aspects. They are a creation that eludes to mankind, yet exists aloof or apart.

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