Untitled; Warp C31

For my Master's Graduating show, I installed Untitled; Warp C31 in our group exhibition: Extensions in the Charles H. Scott Gallery.

An excert from our Catalogue written by Kimberley Phillips:

Britta Fluevog’s process- and materials-based practice often grapples with histories that are not her own, and systems with which she is complicit. Her work negotiates the complex legacies of colonization, diaspora, and globalism, through textiles and performative making. She explores both indigenous and industrial materials in relation to their places of origin and the connotations
they carry, and considers the act of making to be a powerful statement that has the ability to reframe the way we engage with and view our world. In Warp C31, weaving itself becomes an elegy, a lamentation. Incorporating found garments from the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004—which are folded into the artist’s hand-woven elements—and referencing the plight of the Tamil asylum seekers in the notorious MV Sun Sea incident of 2010, the work is suggestive of the waves of disaster—both natural and man made—that can effect the scattering of people. Through meditative, repeated bodily movements, physical endurance, and the close handling of fibres that weaving demands, Fluevog tends to these difficult histories and “together with her materials,” as she says, brings the work into being.

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