Ladders for Better Democrasy

 Ladders for Better Democracy: Catalonia, Estonia, Iceland 
materials: naturally dyed wool from Catalonia, Estonia & Iceland

I aim to inspire people by looking at places that had peaceful revolutions--from the singing revolution in Estonia, to the pirate party in Iceland and the Catalonian Upraising in Spain. These ladders will lift people up to see a better way of being. Our current system in unable to deal with our current world problems from poverty, to climate change to any number of issues, our governments are unable to solve our issues and in fact have no intention of doing so. Our current corporations-first style of capitalism is to blame and people must rise up to demand better democracy, where the people matter.

 Ladder for Better Democracy: Iceland ( Pirate Party in Wadmal)

Ladders for Better Democracy: Estonia (The Singing Revolution)

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