Searching for Sqaure

This was one of my first weavings, the second, I believe. It is also the first weaving to transcend the loom. The piece was created using a tri-warp system. My first weaving showed my interest in alternate materials and my second an interest in the functional aspects of the loom and breaking standard functional principals.  I had a desire to make the weaving 3D, I am a 3D person, it is how my mind works and a process I find satisfying. I am also  radical non-conventionalist, so simply staying in the warp was absurd.  This piece was about learning, how to treadle, how to make a pattern, how to find a pattern, how to follow the limits, how to break the limits, but mostly simply how weaving worked, in and out, what could, would work and how it would all look.



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