A Moral or Something

Fairytale Warp

This work was created as a narrative. The beginning starts with colour and an overpowering, thick, heavy dark block.  There is a chaotic colour textural part that appears to thwart or stop the black mass.  It calms down some and then this is another larger chaotic feature in the middle. It calms down and almost immediately are dark stripes.  Near the end a dark patch that is filled with chaotic colour occurs. The piece is finished with three hangers.

It can be deciphered as good versus evil, chaos versus order, but when taken literally, neither of these quite work.  As a story or narrative, there is no obvious outcome, just kind of a muddle. This piece was created when thinking about chaos in relation to life, in relation to god; how what can look like chaos is actually order. I see god in chaos, order can overlook the spiritual side.  Everything has an element of order and of chaos, it simply depends on how close or how far ones perspective is. I was trying to be moralistic with the dark and chaos, but was also disagreeing or arguing as I did so. The background, certain parts more than others are the least harmonious aspects of the whole work.  While it holds the epic battle of the dark and the chaos, it also muddies the whole idea as it is far from a neutral background and it does not contribute to this interpretation. 

The last issue when looking at this work is that it just looks like fun, silly, enthusiastic expression that has no point other than light-hearted creative weaving. 

In the end I don't know if it is something to ponder or simply enjoy.

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