Waffle Weave

This piece is dealing with industrial and domestic spheres. It takes weaving out of the feminine, the domestic environment and brings it into the masculine and industrial world. It takes something that is soft, nurturing and personal and turns it into something hard, aloof, unapproachable and massive.  It also takes something industrial, that is hard, not aesthetically thought of as beautiful and that is usually used with machines and turning it into something full of personality, handmade and softened.  The weave structure is important to this piece as waffle weaves are used to create a 3-d structure. When the waffle weave is used for aesthetical purposes, often thicker yarn is used at the front and thinner yarn is used at the back to create further depth. Metal cable and chain is deal for this structure was is accentuates the depth and uses the thickness to its best advantage. 

The hand-loom becomes apart of the final product


The work was held together with zap straps (cable tie) so allow for assemblage. These were kept as apart of the final artwork.

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