Ice Weaving II. 50 cm x 50 cm, 2020. cotton, heat, ice, silk, time.   

In Between Scarcity and Excess. 70 cm x 15 cm x 3cm, 2022. Dutch wax print and Handspun linen
word Scarcity hand woven in linen within the sewn larger words excess

Welcome to Post-Capitalism. 70 cm x 35 cm x 3cm, 2022. Old clothing, single use plastics and unprocessed wool


Ladders for Better Democracy: Catalonia (Catalonian Upraising), Estonia (The Singing Revolution), Iceland (Wadmal for the Pirate Party). Variable dimensions, 2019. naturally dyed wool from Catalonia, Estonia & Iceland

Border Building: The Sun Never Sets on the British Brexit. 0:26 . Every Woman Biennial London, Copeland Gallery, Jul 2-9th, 2021. Performance: Artist, loom, tools, yarn 

Roaming—Wave Catching Warp. 148 cm x 90 cm x 25 cm, 2019. Driftwood, ocean rocks, wool from seafaring sheep


Untitled—Anti-Smuggling Act. Variable dimensions, 2015, angora, alpaca, brass, silk, sisal, tsunami debris, wood, wool

 Nude Holding Reinforcing Mesh. 110 cm x 145, 2021. Alpaca, cable, mesh, nettle, rope, silk, sisal, wire, wool


Rethinking the Grid. 150cm x 60 cm x 2cm, 2022. Handspun yarn from Ginger the Alpaca and a repurposed patio chair

Residual Defiance—Occupy Warp [side A]. 9’ x 3’ x 6”, 2011-2014. cable, 
chain, mohair, silk, wool, zip ties    


The Beauty of the DTES Ungentrified (A Gift to Stop Condos on Hastings and Main)—Rebirth Warp. 5’ x 1’ x 4”, 2013. Acrylic, copper, nails, needles, silk, stoneware, tinsel, wool



Crossings—Transcending the Border [Side A]. 5’6” x 7’ x 1’6”, 2014, angelina: India; Angora: China; bamboo: Taiwan; barbed wire: Canada; camel: Mongolia; cashmere: Mongolia; cotton: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Macau, Taiwan; driftwood: the beach; linen: Argentina; llama: Argentina; merino: Peru; metal; mink: China; mohair: India, Romania; nylon: China, Taiwan; polyester: Madagascar, Vietnam; spandex: Cambodia, Guatemala; silk: Argentina, Romania, Taiwan; stoneware: Canada; thistle: Nepal; viscose: Argentina; wool: China, India, Romania, Turkey; yak: Mongolia



I Used to Be a Douglas Fir, Now I am An Oak: Seeking Place Through the Use of Trees. Variable dimension, 2018. bamboo; bolts; dyes: acorn, oak bark, oak leaves; loom, artists old sweater, wool

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