Estonian-Canadian Britta Fluevog is a third-generation-matriarchal artist living in Jülich Germany. Fluevog’s MFA was completed at Emily Carr University in 2015. In 2007, Fluevog received her BFA from NSCAD University. In 2007 she established a small ceramic co-op in Ghana, West Africa.

Britta Fluevog’s work brings a strong aesthetic and material-based practice into the realm of social justice. She use weaving, ceramics, performativity and process as manifestations to expand the discourses of textiles and political art. The works of contemporary artists such as Lisa Anne Auerbach, Sara Rahbar, Tanya Aguiñiga, and Tanja Boukal, which are politically radical, influence her practice.

Through the lens of social justice and intersectionality, Fluevog’s work investigates borders, refugees, globalism and capitalism in relation to textiles and makers. Touch, texture and the handmade are explored in relationship to the maker and the performance of making. Local, industrial, and indigenous materials are explored within her work. Her ongoing interest in borders, refugees and migrants is connected to her maternal grandparents who fled Estonia when the USSR stole the country.

Organic shapes, texture, and a plethora of details in the work allow meandering investigations by the viewer and creates art that continually changes. Strong aesthetic and decorative elements in the work are employed to subvert traditional occidental devaluation of these elements particularly in relation to craft materials and women’s work. Through connection to materials and ancient practices, Fluevog aims to challenge global hegemonic capitalism, championing the value of makers.

CONTACT ME: britta at fluevog dot com