Modified to Fit

This piece has had one of the most interesting lives of my work.  It was created with hand thrown cylinders. When it was created, it was an abstracted full human, roughly life-sized when green.  In order to bisque the work, the head and some of the shoulders had to be chopped off. My working title then was "Person Kneeling Modified to fit Kiln".  I quite liked the arbitrariness of it.  It was then glazed, mostly with left over gunk from the sink trap in the glazing room.  It was then fired in the wood kiln. During the firing, it became fused the the old gnarled kiln shelf it was sitting on.  The shelf looks great with it. Since completion, it has been mailed across the country where it lost a knee cap, one foot and some of its shoulders torso area.  It seems to be a person with  a self-destruct button.

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