Artist's Radical Collaberative Workshop

Fluevog designed collapsable 4 harness table loom

The Britta Fluevog Artist Residency is pleased to announce our first weaving workshop!

The Artist's DIY  Radical Weaving Workshop
Jan. 29th- Feb. 4th, 2018
Braunschweig, Germany
100 €  for the workshop & free accommodation , 65 € for materials, 45 € for food

The workshop will be facilitated by Britta Fluevog, radical weaver, who believes that weaving is an act of resistance. In this workshop you will make your own table or tapestry loom and learn how to weave with it. We will build and learn together. We will decide the curriculum; work on a collaborative piece; each lead a conversation about art; and peer teach/learn.

Potential ideas for the workshop include: creating a weaving in the woods near by, yarn bombing in the historic centre, public weaving as a way of taking up space or making your loom from wood collected in the forest.

This workshop is pro-rated for artist and they are expected to share their own work, lead a "discussion" of some kind, work on a collaborative piece, help with food/cleaning. Partners & children* are welcome to join us, please specify if they will participate.

Available for use are existing table looms, a spinning wheel, a sewing machine & 100+ textile books.

Accommodation is in single or double occupancy rooms. There is wifi & a sauna.

* there is no child care & activities are not designed for children, though older children would be welcome to participate. If your child will play quietly or is minded by a partner they would be a good fit. My extremely tiny weaving assistant will be around to look cute & sleep.

e-mail: fluevog dot artist dot residency at gmail dot com to register. 
25 € registration deposit for materials can be sent via EU money transfer or Canadian e-transfer
   or it can be paid including transaction fees via square or paypal

1 comment:

  1. Hi Britta - thanks for creating a space like this, it looks fertile and fun and fibrous!
    I've started using weaving as part of a collaborative response to storytelling and more recently as a way of marking passing time as a personal and collective impression. I feel like I know very little about weaving, though, and as I've got a week off work 10-17 Feb just googled 'weaving workshop residencies' to see if I could find a way to learn and collaborate - and this was the first thing that came up!!!
    I'm sad I can't join - sounds like it might be a fascinating week! Please keep me in the loop (in the weave?) if you end up running another one at a later date.
    Big thanks
    Ali (aliaveryonly at yahoo dot co dot uk)