New work

New piece hot off the loom. Name is pending, there is still length for one other piece off of this warp, Tensions.  It is approx. 37 " wide and 6' long. This piece plays with multiple tension in the warp, which is more difficult to weave, but achieves a more complex structure, and what is less apparent here, has a less striped appearance. Better pictures will follow when I finished the ends, ect.
 I am dealing with chaos turning to order, but also the paradox that the chaos is more structured and therefore chaos is more ordered than the orderly part. The chaos is dark and the order is lighter, with a small area of sanity in between the two.
I am planing on making a sister piece to this one, but having the bottom denser side with a fair bit of colour. I am currently thinking of them as the Pessimist and the Optimist. I am not sure I am comfortable with the connotations yet and I will decide on that later.

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