Chaos Series

Everything has order, precise lines, laws, laws, order and purpose. Order is what allows our world to exist, it established and maintains equilibriums. But it is chaos that drives and changes our world; evolution requires chaos to move forward. My Chaos series is a celebration, expression, and inquiry into chaos. It also explores quantum mechanics theory (whereby the act of watching changed the movement of electrons) and how inanimate objects have a spiritual or self-knowledge side to them and how our relationships, as people, with these inanimate objects affects them. My pieces seek to create chaos out of order, disequilibrium, dynamism, uncertainties, joy, explosion and change. 

    Tangled                             A Morel or Something
     2008                                           2008

My piece Tangled, from my 
Black wool, Rusty Metal Series was the inspiration for my Chaos Series. It
 started with two works on the Fairy Tale Warp, Faerie & A Morel or Something. While making A Morel or Something, I created and worked out my theories on chaos. I also established some guides which most of the following works would follow: technical chaos, having very loose weft concurrently very tight weft; and having my chaos involve colour/ a sense of joy.

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